About Roadwatch

Road accidents involving wildlife is emerging as a major cause of wildlife deaths in India affecting thousands of animals. Associated with fragmentation effects of roads, casualties can result in population declines, inbreeding, and local extinctions of wildlife. To address this issue, Wildlife Trust of India and David Shepherd Wildlife Foundation have launched the mobile application ROAD WATCH to help citizens report wildlife road kills easily using their smart phones from anywhere in the country. The mobile app has been specially designed to gather necessary data such as GPS locations, images, type of animal, date of record etc. The app interface is easy to use and enables the user to acquire and transmit the data in less than a minute using minimum user efforts. The app is reliable and a fool proof system to collect road kill information with high accuracy and data integrity. The application will help predict road-kill hotspots, identify worst affected species and to assess the efficacy of existing mitigation measures. This will help develop effective solutions to address the issue and in better planning of linear infrastructures such as roads and railway lines.

Objectives of Roadwatch

1. Identify road kill hotspots and build a road kill map of India
2. Identify worst affected species and taxa
3. Raise public awareness through the “I Brake for Wildlife “campaign
4. Evaluate existing mitigation measures
5. Estimate benefits of different mitigation measures and provide intelligence driven solutions

Goals of project ROAD WATCH!

Establish a working system to assess & reduce the incidence of wildlife road kills in India